5 Best Practices for eCTD Publishing

eCTD Best Practices
Image credit: Barry Dahl | Flickr

GlobalSubmit published a guest post by me today titled, “Best Practices for eCTD Publishing,” on their blog, The eCTD Summit.  The post outlines five strategies that we employ in my organization for successful eCTD submissions publishing, which are:

  • Partner with your Document Authors;
  • Use an eCTD Validation Tool;
  • Be Aware of the ESG Deadline;
    • [Editor's note: Thankfully, FDA has since changed the deadline to 11:59pm, so this one is no longer an issue.]
  • Develop a Workflow and Stick With It; and
  • Stay Current.

Thanks to my colleagues at GlobalSubmit for the opportunity to author a post for their blog!